7 upcoming open world games that will re-define this generation

Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Release date: March 7
Genre: Action-adventure

What is it? The Ghost Recon team is looking to take out a dangerous cartel in the heart of Bolivia.

Why it's so interesting? The freedom to decide what missions to take, and how to accomplish your objectives in Ghost Recon: Wildlands' massive open world. Have a sniper team take out guards while another group infiltrates an enemy base, run in guns blazing, or hijack helicopters for an aerial assault. It's all up to you. You're fighting a war against an oppressive cartel, and in order to take it down, you'll have to interrupt its operations, rescue hostages, and take over its strongholds. Anything goes, and it looks like this'll be a blast in every sense.
28 December 2016