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armored trucks return to game

Neurogadget reports that while Rockstar Games did release a new DLC for "GTA 5 GAMES" two months ago, fans have begun clamoring for new expansions to the game. Rockstar has a tendency to put all of their source codes in the game, and in order to keep gamers interested in "GTA 5," the videogame developer constantly brings in new updates and new content for players to enjoy. Though Rockstar has been trying to keep mum about whether or not they're creating a new DLC for "GTA 5," the publication predicts that there may be a new DLC on the way related to import and export businesses.

Back in September, the videogame developer has said that they were thinking about creating a segment high risk and reward venture based on the vehicle industry, and some believe that this new feature could come out in December. After all, Christmas is a season of giving, and new content during the holiday season could increase the sales of the new DLC. Not only that, but Rockstar also has the habit of releasing major DLC packs during December and it seems like many expect the videogame developer to do the same this year.

Meanwhile, in other "GTA 5" news, the International Business Times reports that Rockstar has decided to bring back armored trucks to its current "GTA" installment. While gamers usually saw random armored cars popping up in Los Santos in "GTA 5" last year, Rockstar has taken the money trucks off the game to replace them with new events. Now, veteran "GTA 5" gamers have confirmed that the money trucks have returned to the game. However, it seems like gamers can't access the money inside the trucks as the armored vans remain locked and inaccessible. Though they can kill of the security guards watching over the trucks, gamers have no way of blowing up the vans or driving away with them.

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