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18 November 2016 ( 1746 views )

Grand Theft Auto is hiding the most Easter Egg of all time

Grand Theft Auto is hiding the most  Easter Egg of all time


Grand Theft Auto V has been out for a few years, but chances are you haven’t come across this hidden – and incredibly disturbing – serial killer “Easter Egg”.

Explore for the vast world for long enough and you’ll find an abandoned house.

It was once owned by someone called Merle Abrahams – who has a terrible secret.

Spray painted on the wall is a message: “THERE WILL BE 8.”

Look inside and there’s another one.


Venture outside and you’ll find a graffiti scribbled on a rock, as well as this poem:

“One is done Two was fun Three tried to run Four called mom Fives not alive Six is nix Sevens in heaven 8 won’t wait.”

Now, here’s where it gets interesting.

There’s a crude diagram scribbled next to most of Abrahams’ graffiti messages (see below, left).


It turns out this reveals a location on the map. Just look for the peninsula that matches the image.

It’s also remarkably like a man’s genitalia, if viewed from above.

Best get the chopper out.

We won’t ruin the surprise, but put on a wet suit and scuba dive around the area.

What you’ll find will haunt and disturb you.

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