GTA 5 : 10 Hilarious Quotes You'll Never Forget

Grand Theft Auto V is a big game. I know, shocking right? You've probably never heard that from anyone. Here's the deal: It's huge in just about every way and now allow me to elaborate. From the map to the scope of the main story -- from the ambition of the online mode to the insanely detailed aspect of absolutely every single item and occurrence in the game, it's all big. And perhaps the grandest of them all are the larger than life characters. One thing Rockstar has always nailed in just about every game they've ever produced are their colorful characters. It's like stepping into a Tarantino movie and number five is the culmination of all of their previous efforts rolled into one brand spanking new, shiny package. I've never laughed so hard while playing a game let alone one that kept the funny coming throughout the entire length of the main story. In honor of everything Rockstar and Grand Theft Auto we've put together ten of the most hilarious in-game quotes -- ten of the most unforgettable moments that'll keep you smiling for a long, long time after. If you're easily offended, stop reading and also, you suck. Here goes...
02 January 2017