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15 January 2017 ( 15774 views )

A New Map Is Confirmed To Arrive To GTA 5

A New Map Is Confirmed To Arrive To GTA 5

GTA 5 players have been thinking about the possibility of the Liberty City coming to the game. Might be a wishful thinking, but of course, it isn't entirely impossible to do. Well, this is exactly what a group of players or developers did. And yes, the community will forever be thankful.

OpenIV has once again made history after announcing the possible release of the aforementioned town in GTA 5 using a modding tool. For the true fans of the game, it's really impossible to forget these guys. They're basically the Russian developers who were responsible for cracking everything about the installment back in 2015. It seems they're going to do the same thing now.

The group of developers and GTA 5 enthusiasts are bringing the titular Liberty City to the latest title in the franchise. OpenIV stated, however, that this won't necessarily replace either "Los Santos or Blaine Country." Nonetheless, as per their announcement, it should "appear across the sea."

The team also informed the entire GTA 5 community about how this will be made possible. Apparently, it will be done through the utilization of the "power of OpenIV and openFormats." It's worth noting that the setting was first released in GTA 4.

In the history of the franchise (including GTA 5), Liberty City is just simply the largest and most dense map. So, in a sense, one would think that adding it to the game isn't a walk in the park. But if the OpenIV team were to be asked, "Because, why not?"

As of this writing, the aforesaid city has yet to have any screenshots or whatsoever in GTA 5. Nonetheless, it's expected to be made available in the game anytime soon. It should be noted, though, that a copy of the fourth installment should also be present. This is to ensure that the mod will work accordingly in the game. The mod basically works by converting Liberty City from the files of the previous title. These will then be copied and applied to the latest game.

What are your thoughts on the Liberty City being added to GTA 5? What are your expectations? Don't forget to share us what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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