GTA 5 Player discovers hidden secret nobody noticed before

The mine shaft most likely was used by gold miners to get deeper into the mountain to mine for gold, however, some believe that the mine was used to mine out coal. Mine shafts are not as common in southern California as the northern California area because the Gold Rush was bigger in northern California, which makes the shaft suspicious. Players have found a way to enter the old mining tunnel, to find only that there is a stone wall behind it (invisible barrier commonly found in buildings of sandlot games). The boards are not a solid board door as you can see a black interior behind the boards leading people to believe the shaft is enterable. In the NextGen version of GTA V, the shaft can be opened by using any explosive at the door. Inside the shaft are railroads, dead ends and several different mining tools, proving that it was used to mine a lot of things (most likely coal, not gold.)
01 January 2017